Narrow homes have been around for many decades and throughout history have been used by various cultures. However, nowadays you can make use of a narrow block design which is particularly valuable if you are unable to afford to purchase a large property.  Such designs are widely used especially in residential areas where wide homes are not feasible to construct and urban areas where there is limited living space.

Space is the characteristic of most family homes, of which traditional home designs on constraint land fail to meet these requirements. Even though the appearance of narrow block houses look constrictive, home owners have the option of extra space by additional flats which expands the space in a vertical direction. It is far more cost effective to build a narrow home as they do not require large plots of land as opposed to building in a high value zone.

Block home owners can spend the extra cash on increasing their living space that will also increase the value of the property. There are many benefits where homeowners can get more value from their property as a narrow home requires a small plot of land. These homes are designed innovatively and in a way that allows as much natural sunlight as possible into the home.

Additional space can be provided by increasing the distance between the floor and ceiling. These designs include porches and patio’s which mean one does not require a large outdoor living space. An important factor to consider when choosing a narrow block design is finding a reputable builder. A professional builder will be able to offer expert advice with regards to materials and the various design features that will provide adequate light into the home. Having an open mind and step out of the norm and create a stylish home that suits your lifestyle.

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