Artwork  acts as an eye-catching visual feature in your home that can break up the monotony of a room, make a space more exciting and aesthetically pleasing, and even make the room appear larger. Artwork frames a room and adds an element to your home that can makes it feel more homely and which will cause your guests talking about your taste in artwork.

How to Arrange Artwork in the Home

Eye Level

The best place to hang artwork is so that the centre of the art piece is at eye level, the average of which is considered to be 160cm. Although this obviously won’t be adhered to in all cases, it is a good mantra to follow as it ensures the artwork can be admired the way it was intended to be. In the living room, because people are usually sitting down, the piece can site lower than usual. Try hanging artwork one hand width above the sofa or lounge furniture.

Multiple Pieces

When hanging multiple pieces together, try to add visual balance by placing heavy pieces at the bottom left. This balances the weight of the items and follows the viewer’s natural inclination to view the left first. If you have a symmetrical arrangement, however, you should generally place the heaviest pieces in the middle. Feel free to get creative when it comes to arranging multiple pieces and try go behind stock standard displays. Use different geometric shapes of sculpture art in the arrangement to mix it up even more.

Aboriginal Art

What Artwork Can Do

Accentuate the Room

Artwork can be particularly useful in narrow homes as by stacking artwork on top of each other, or using large pieces, you can draw the eyes upward. This works to accentuate the vertical elements of the room, which makes the room appear larger despite its narrowness. Ornate artwork creates inspiring looks perfect for feature walls, while simple, plain artwork can be used to create homogeny throughout various rooms.

Personalise your Home

One of the most poignant and powerful features of artwork in the home is that you can express yourself and your family through te artwork you feature. Whether you feature personal photographs, landscapes that have a special place in your heart or represent cultures close to you, artwork is a very expressive and eloquent form of decoration. Being in Australia, I always love to showcase the work of Aboriginal artists as this is a rich and important aspect of Australian history and of each and every one of our’s identity. More importantly, Aboriginal artwork are incredible visualisations that mystify the mind and capture your imagination. The array of colours and patterns in original Aboriginal Art Store work is the perfect way to add flair and flamboyance to a room and give something people to admire.

Support Local Artists

Buying locally sourced artwork is important to foster the growth and development of Australia’s art scene. It is also more meaningful when placed in your home. Buying original works from Australia’s preeminent Aboriginal Art Store is one of the best ways you can support our indigenous artists and acquire yourself some enchanting, high-quality artwork that will do wonders for your home.


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