There’s something magical about a property with history behind it. It brings fragments of the past into the present, and continues the traditions of something long gone. It allows your imagination to run away with fancy ideas. Perhaps the house belonged to royalty, or maybe a scandalous celebrity of late. Whatever the history, whatever the charm, these heritage-listed properties have something beautiful about them that just can’t be replicated. Heritage consultants, architects and planners all over find a certain magic quality to these properties, and we do too. Here are some of our favourite heritage-listed properties, that inspire our creativity and make us wish we had one too…

The ultimate heritage-listed properties

heritage-listed propertiesFortuna Villa

Australia has some gorgeous heritage-listed properties, and Bendigo’s Fortuna Villa is no exception. Built in a number of architectural styles, including Victorian Italianate, this property is renowned for it’s impressive stained-glass windows and cedar and blackwood staircase, solid marble bath and extensive acid-etched glasswork. It was remodelled in the late 1880s, when it became indulgently furnished with pieces from around the globe. Both inside and out, the property was adorned with beautiful decor; the outside also decked out with imported plants, spacious gardens and lakes. The villa comes on 7.57 hectares and has 32 outbuildings. It was finally sold in June for $2.21 million, and continues to reign as one of Australia’s most spectacular heritage-listed properties.

heritage-listed propertiesCoombe Grange

Located in Cronulla, with a freehold pathway access to Gunnamatta Bay, this is one of those beachfront priced heritage-listed properties. Sitting on 2,637-square-metres, the property is priced at around the $4.85 million mark. It might seem steep, but with history backing it, you can’t lose. The house was designed by architect Spencer Spasfield for Reginald and Florence Snelling, who owned a printing business in Glebe. This Tudor-Revival style house boasts Queensland maple timberwork, diamond-shaped leadlight windows, sandstone fireplaces and a ballroom. Exploring outside, you’ll find it also comes with a tennis court, pavilions and pool. And despite all the extravagance, it still maintains that homely feel, making it a favourite of the heritage-listed properties.

heritage-listed propertiesCooks Cottage

When it comes to ultimate heritage-listed properties, you can’t top the home of Captain James Cook, historical Australian icon. This gorgeous little cottage in east Melbourne has more charm than your grandma’s spoon collection. The property embodies what life was like in the 18th Century, with its fascinating traditional English garden and the Discovery Centre that gives tourists a better insight into the original owners of the property. Properties like this one usually have a conservation and cultural Heritage management plan in order to sustain their beauty over many years. Experts and heritage enthusiasts – including companies like Rappoport – worship the very ground these historical properties sit on, and Cooks Cottage is definitely an Australian favourite.

heritage-listed propertiesAnnesley House

Annesley House was originally built as the residence and surgery of Dr Brewer, then chief medical officer and mayor of Portland. The two-storey brick structure was designed by architect Daniel Nicholson, and is an interesting example of a substantial 19th century townhouse in all its Italianate flair and style. Dr Brewer passed the building on to the Wadmore sisters in the early 1900s, and they converted the mansion into a guesthouse. In the 1940s the building passed onto a Mrs Luers, the daughter of a local politician and poet. She continued to run the building as a guest house until the current owners bought it in 2004. To this day, the two-bedroom residence, which holds seven furnished apartments, is still run as self-contained holiday accommodation. Listed for sale with $1.29 million hopes, it is a classic example of one of the few heritage-listed properties still enjoyed by the public.

Heritage-listed properties bring a certain sense of imagination and flair to any house, hotel or cottage. The stories embedded in the walls of the property linger with every owner, passing on traditions and past lives. Whether lived in or on public display, you can undoubtedly appreciate the beauty of sites like these heritage-listed properties. Because it’s always fascinating to wonder about your property’s past.

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