Retirees have been asked to rate the best things about being retired. It’s an important question – especially for those just or about to retire. With the average time spent in retirement around 25 years, it’s important to know what you have to look forward to.

Below are some of the most appreciated aspects of retirement, as chosen by retirees:

  1. Your time is your own: No bosses, no clients, no children or deadlines. Most retirees enjoyed being able to set their own agenda and control the way they spend their days. Successful retirees are as busy as they want to be, often maintaining the same level of work they did before retiring; but able to choose how they spend their time.
  2. New options: Yes, you rea that right! Most successful retirees use their new found time


    to indulge in or explore past times they had always wanted to try, but never had the time to. Travelling is by far the most popular choice. But some have gone skydiving or abseiling or even hang gliding. The options are endless.

  3. Getting a good night’s sleep: Comprehensive research shows that active retirees sleep better than they did before retirement. Psychologists suggest this happens from a combination of removal of workplace pressure, an improved sense of autonomy, and significant reduction in everyday urgencies.
  4. Having time to think: It’s not something one would normally associate with retirement, but research again shows that increased amounts of leisure time allow retirees to become more creative. This creativity often reveals itself in surprising solutions to everyday problems. Often these solutions bring with them an enormous amount of personal satisfaction.
  5. Taking risks: Studies have shown people (men and women) become increasingly risk averse the older they get. This is true to a point. Other studies also show retirees become more confident in their own judgements. Retirees are in a unique position to draw upon their decades of work experience to exploit new opportunities in the field they have just left. They have the time to work on (rather than at) this business, they have money (from superannuation) and very often they have even more ambition than when they were employed.

Far from being ‘put out to pasture’, retirement is often the best thing to happen to a person. It gives people back their own lives and rewards them for their own efforts.

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