In the modern housing market, a backyard can be something of a luxury. Accordingly, most modern townhouses and smaller homes have tiny backyards with little room for a garden or anything else. Luckily, there are few easy ways to maximise your space and make the most of a tight situation…

Grow flowers along a wall. Pick a species that grows along a wall for the illusion of more space and a larger garden. Jasmine is particularly lovely and grows quite easily. Wall-climbing flowers require only a small amount of space for the root structure to grow and occasional watering, so they’re ideal for small, urban spaces.

Use a few small gardening pots for herbs and flowers. You’d be amazed what you can grow in a small pot, so buy a few and get started! Herbs like basil, thyme, mint and many more can be grown in small pots in almost any climate. There are also dozens of strains of flowers perfect for growing in a pot. Just make sure they have a little bit of sun and regular water and you’ll have a portable garden in no time.

Try vertical gardening. If you’re short on floor space, vertical gardening can offer homeowners a cheap and efficient way to grow vegetables and other plants. Most DIY vertical gardens use old shoe racks or wooden pallets as their basis, but feel free to choose your own basis for the design. Essentially, vertical gardening requires that plants are grown in spaces on top of one another, so there are many possible alternatives!

Consider expanding into the front yard. Some smaller, suburban houses will have more yard space in the front part of the house. Owners and occupants should be encouraged to use this space for their gardening purposes as well. There are also common spaces in developments which are sometimes given over to community gardens or planting. Consult with your Owners Corporation or have a chat with neighbours to see if such a place exists.

With these simple tips in mind, inhabitants of small houses can have a luscious garden of their own all year round!



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