You may think that one of the downsides of having a smaller family home, which might not have the biggest backyard, is that pets aren’t exactly suitable to live in such an area. However, if you select your pets appropriately, you can easily have fulfilling, loving pets that thrive in the space. Here are some of the best pets for narrow homes that you should consider getting for your house.


A man’s best friend, the loyalest of companions, friendly, playful and obedient creatures…and the list goes on. We’re all well aware of why dogs are such popular house pets and why so many people become so emotionally attached to their furry little friends. Don’t discount dogs as one of the best pets for narrow homes. Some of the best breeds for small houses or apartments include:

  • Shih Tzu – calm and gentle in nature and a quiet bark compared to other breeds. It’s bred for companionship so will be happiest in your lap rather than out and about. 
  • Pug – pugs have enjoyed a surge in popularity recently, and even though it may be focused on cute photos, memes and dress ups of pugs, they are a low energy dog that is known as a couch potato and are small and cute.
  • Mastiff – although a bit larger than many would expect for a small house pet, the Mastiff is known to be a friendly giant. A very mellow companion, they are lazy, calm and secure.
  • Labrador – after labradors have had some exercise, they are more than happy to simply sit around inside and sleep, making it the perfect addition to any narrow home.
  • King Charles Cavalier – much more than just having an adorably cute appearance, the King Charles Cavalier loves to sit on a comfy lap and lounge around (as long as it receives plenty of treats and love).
  • Other suitable breeds include bulldogs, pekingese, toy poodles, terriers and maltese.


Pretty much most cats act as suitable pets for small houses, however you just need to ensure they don’t get bored. In order to to do this make sure it has plenty of cat toys and games to occupy itself and think about taking it to outdoor play centres or for walks.

Marine Animals

Fish are of course a fantastic companion that don’t require too much care or maintenance and obviously don’t take up too much room. They are still friendly creatures that provide company and with which man creates tight bonds. Some of the most common pet fish are goldfish, betta fish, angel fish and molly fish and platy fish.

pet turtleHowever, fish are far from being the only marine life that act as good house pets. Increasingly popular options include turtles and even hermit crabs. Turtles are adorable little animals that are easy to take care of and generally have long life spans. Hermit crabs, a relatively recent pet phenomenon, are surprisingly social and active and fun to play with.


By far one of the best options of pets for narrow homes is birds, particularly parrots and budgies.  Colourful, charismatic, long-living and easy to train these birds are fantastic pets for any house no matter how small. They can be amusing, have quirky personalities and are also easy to care for.


Another relatively unorthodox and unthought of  choice of pet is lizards. Geckos and blue tongue lizards are two of the most popular options and provided they receive the correct treatment, they can learn to adore their owner. They are relatively shy but are trustworthy and usually easy to take care of.

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