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Most people make snap judgements about particular housing arrangements and are completely set in their ways of assuming that traditional, flat and medium-sized but often outdated homes are the best or only option for their family. Having an open mind when it comes to buying or building houses can often reap many and varied benefits for those who are willing to step outside of the norm. Rather than immediately rejecting or being turned off the idea of sloping lots and homes on a hill, you may realise that such housing designs can actually offer more advantages than you may have originally thought.

Promotes Walkout or Daylight Basements


Flat houses are conducive to underground basements, which not only give rise to horrendous nightmares filled with zombies or demons, but are also susceptible to poor ventilation and mould growth. On the other hand, sloping lots provide a framework which is perfectly suited to walkout or daylight basements. These in contrast allow much more light to enter the basement through the top windows, encourage better ventilation, thereby preventing mould growth, and will also be much less prone to flooding during storms.

Good Drainage

Everybody knows that water flows more easily and fluidly down a hill. And the same holds true to drainage with sloping lots. If sloped footing and roofing is used in the house, the water will naturally drain off the slopes towards lower lying areas and you won’t have to deal with flooding, wall damage or drain blockage.


Stunning Views

The very nature of sloping lots being located on a hill and thus coming from a high vantage point means they will likely provide you with magnificent, expansive views of the surrounding areas. They are particularly opportune to large verandah’s, which make you feel as though you are on the edge of the world, showcasing all that encircles you. Bedrooms in higher rooms will also boast of such spectacles, making sloping houses ideal on areas overlooking lates, oceans, valleys or forests.


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