narrow blocksIncreasing population numbers and urban sprawl mean that fewer housing options are available for individuals, couples and families in and around cities, who are looking for a house they can make their home. The fact that so many people are flocking to metropolitan areas means that many new housing developments need to be built, in order to cater for such large amounts of people that Australian cities are not used to providing for. And these new developments need to be much more sustainable and innovative, in order to avoid urban footprints encroaching on our native bushland and National Parks.

The logical option is to go up rather than out and invest in smaller houses or apartment blocks. However, the difficulty here lies in Australian’s love of huge houses. We Aussies are used to having spacious properties with extra studies, media rooms and rumpus rooms, which has led to us having the largest homes in the world. As of 2011, the average new Australian home was 243 square metres. This equates to being 10% bigger than those in the United States and 9% bigger than New Zealand houses. Experts believe, that after increasing by 40% over the 20 years leading up to 2011, Australian house sizes may have reached a peak once and for all.narrow blocks 2

Our ageing population and changes in consumer behaviour – namely due to exorbitant and unaffordable housing prices – has meant that Australians are beginning to look for smaller houses. And one of the most viable ways in which we can enjoy our particular luxuries of extra rooms and spacious backyards while still satisfying the needs of increased populations is through narrow blocks. Narrow blocks are not only significantly more affordable than their larger counterparts, but they also make a home much more unique and personal.

Essentially, the traditional problems that were associated with narrow homes have caused narrow blocks builders to become much more creative and innovative so as to provide new age home that meets the desires of the modern family.

Because narrow blocks are closer together, more houses and more groups of people will live in an area, thus fostering a deeper sense of community in that region and also supporting local businesses by attracting more neighbourhood customers. The need to enhance space within a narrow house also means that pioneering and customised techniques are used such as new stair types, modish interior furniture and particular lighting features such as large glass windows.narrow blocks 3

Having narrow blocks also means that less landscaping and maintenance is required, particularly on the sides of the house. A backyard is still wholly possible but will still be relatively simply to garden and keep control of. Multiple stories are also a fantastic use of space as they divides the house, creating specific purposes for different sections and granting house members privacy, and also expanding and maximising comfort.


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