Today, the Sydney Morning Herald was reporting on the sale of an iconic Sydney home: the Surry Hills ‘Small House’. Built over what was once a car space, the house has been sold for almost $2 million. The amazing sale has real estate professionals revising their estimates for the value of smaller properties in the inner city.

Set across five lush levels, the ‘Small House’ occupies just 44 metres squared of ground space. Hidden down one of Surry Hills’ many distinctive laneways, the tiny piece of land was originally purchased for just $230,000. But after years of extensive work and unique architectural efforts, the house was sold for a much higher amount than anybody might have thought. Originally slated for auction, the announcement led to something of a bidding frenzy. This resulted in someone paying nearly $43,000 per square metre of actual land!

The ‘Small House’ was leading Sydney architect Domenic Alvaro’s labour of love. Known for his inspired designs, Mr. Alvaro’s home would eventually cover two hundred square metres of built-up bliss: there are multiple living areas, a private bedroom, three bathrooms, a rooftop terrace and, of course, a garage. Furnished with fine hand-crafted wood and dazzling stone, the house is a graceful mixture of modern styles. Its views of the city skyline simply cannot be beaten.

Appearing on Grand Designs, the popular architecture based program hosted by noted British designer Kevin McCloud, Mr. Alvaro explained how the impressive structure was built. Originally staged around pre-cast slabs of concrete, the architect had always intended for the five storey structure to make the most of a truly limited space. In the end, his gamble would pay off in more ways than one.

The ‘Small House’ has become an iconic Sydney residence, giving it the rare status of a culturally important place. Visitors and locals have long admired the creative vision on display, a bold visual statement proving that a lot can be done with a small amount of space!

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