Oil is an affluent and exciting business. So exciting that CBS aired a show about it called Dallas for more than a decade from 1978 to 1991. So exciting, still, that TNT currently has a spin-off of the old Dallas soap opera, which has aired since 2012.

The old show featured the iconic rivalry between brothers, Bobby Ewing and JR Ewing, fighting over women and oil with strategic and backstabbing ploys. The new show, with Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing III and Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing pits the cousins against one another, each under the guidance of their fathers, JR and Bobby, respectively. They fight over land and women. Oil is in their blood and they will fight for it regardless of the cost. They use people and abuse people, they shift alliances pragmatically as they manoeuvre across a slippery moral slope. 

The oil business is exciting but it doesn’t have to be so politically conniving. Don’t let the drama of Dallas dissuade you from investing in an oil property. Striking oil doesn’t make you greedy and deprave unless you let it.

“Money is not a dirty word. It’s not the most important thing but we all need money to live the life we choose. Oil doesn’t turn you into a greedy monster. Actually, to get on in the world of oil, you have to get on with the people around you”. Such engaging lines are but a small excerpt from the engaging dialogue from this new drama, and defiantly gives new meaning to  ‘a company is only as successful as its team mates’

It’s almost a movie-like dream that you’ll one day randomly strike oil on your property and become filthily rich. It can be like the movies but without the filth and instead of it being random, you can choose to invest in oil’s goldmine.

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