In narrow or small houses, there is only a very limited amount of storage space. Trying to store all your belongings and all the ‘things’ you use and accumulate while still ensuring there is plenty of space to actually live in and use for yourself can often be quite an onerous task. Sneaky space-saving storage techniques can utilise space more effectively to and make narrow rooms appear larger. By organising possessions in a logical and uncluttered manner, together with adding nifty cupboards in all rooms of the house you can quite easily work wonders by making accessing your items infinitely easier and using every inch of space so that there appears to be more of it.

Here are some great space-saving storage ideas of what sort of cupboards you should use in each room of the house and how to organise them in order to make it feel bigger and more spacious than it really is.

hanging basket  


Other modern alternatives when it comes to space-saving storage include having pot lid racks on the inside of pantry doors, a turntable carousel in hard to reach cupboards, a drip dry cabinets to store drying dishes rather than cluttering up bench space or using pullout shelves for food or crockery.

notched wall cabinet  vessel-filled cabinet

Living room

The optimum way to efficiently utilise space in a living room is double duty storage. Some space-saving storage ideas are to get a coffee table with drawers, benches with hinged lids and hidden storage space, a side table with shelves or a couch with storage underneath the seat. You can also experiment with modular, notched wall cabinets and shelves.

loft bed  under bed drawers


By the same token as the living room, dual purpose furniture is a great option. Some ideas are a bed with drawers underneath, bedheads that double as bookshelves or a wooden chest that also acts as a seat. Organising closet space effectively is also essential. You could use hanging shoe bags, hooks for scarves, ties or jewellery, a second clothing hanging rod for smaller items to fit an extra shelf above and using consistent dual coat/trouser hangers. A novel and fun way to make heaps of extra room for kids is also to have a loft bed with a study desk underneath.

behind door cabinet towel rack


One of the most important aspects of a space-effective bathroom is using maximising cabinet space. This can be done by using magnetic walls, having roll-out wire trays, hooks on cupboard doors and shallow, well-organised baskets or trays. Another method is to stack towels on multilayered wall-rack or on the back of the bathroom door. Alternatively, you could put a hidden cabinet filled with various bathroom items hidden behind the door.

storage stairs

Extra Storage

Some great ideas for those extra storage items which aren’t used everyday are to use stacking containers in attics or garages to maximise vertical space or even to use storage stairs with pull-out drawers on each step.


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