Traditional internal staircases can take up phenomenal amounts of room in a house, which for narrow houses that focus on ‘up’ rather than ‘out’, poses quite a problem. When more room is taken up to provide a means of accessing various parts of a house, rather than on those actual parts themselves, you know that something isn’t right.

More innovative and modern designs of stairs that don’t take up too much space or clutter a room are emerging from some of the world’s top creative designers. Smaller, simpler stairs can make a huge difference in opening up the space of a narrow house, providing more room for living or dining areas and can also become an architectural feature of a room.

Here are some of the most creative and effective space-saving stairs perfect for narrow, multi-storey housing.


Floating Stairs

floating staircase

Although appearing somewhat fragile and ‘un-sturdy’, Spanish designer Jordi Vayreda assures homeowners that these steel beams can hold up to 200kg on any one step. This thin and unobtrusive staircase melds completely into the room almost as a piece of wall art rather than a functional set of steps.


Storage Stairs

storage stairs

Whilst cupboards under the stairs have been used as storage compartments for decades, they can often be ineffective uses of space in which useless junk is  thrown. Unless hours are spent rummaging through the piles of things and navigating between the awkward corners and edges, the cupboard would most often be avoided. However, this novel idea of using the space underneath each individual step provides an organised and easily accessible alternative to this problem.


Spiral Stairs

rolling stairs

Designer Patrick Jouin is the creative mind behind this modern and imaginative take on spiral staircases. Spiral staircases are a well known favourite when it comes to saving space, however, this contemporary design gives an edgy twist to the traditional model as well as providing a stunning top view of wooden petals projecting down the sloping wooden swirl.


Hanging Birds Nest Stairs

birds nest stairs

Hanging stairs have emerged as a staircase trend in recent years, and this birds nest design is one unorthodox take of the style by french architecture firm, Atelier Archiplein. Again not taking up significant space in the room, this staircase also enlarges the room by being transparent and is easily the feature of the room, bringing creative flair to the space.

Foldable Stairs

foldable staircase

According to their creator, industrial designer Aaron Tang, this ingenious foldable staircase, or as Taang refers to it, a ‘redefined door’, is “an element of a wall that allowed passageway to another environment when opened and a restricted passageway when closed”. Perfect space-savers, these stairs would be an excellent asset to any narrow house.

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