Sloped gardens can induce striking and dramatic landscaping ideas that not only stray from the norm but are also more interesting and varied. Although the orthodox back garden of a grass patch lined with flower beds is a practical and often fulfilling addition to a household and ideal for kids, sloped gardens often provide more room for imagination and more room for creativity when it comes to building an outdoor area with character.

Slight Slopes

Small slopes are quite easily compensated for by levelling out the ground. Cutting away soil from the higher point can then be used to fill in the lower part to make a slight slope a non-existent one.

gabion Single Step

Single steps are a good option for medium-level slopes that require a level change. This allows you to still have flat gardens just with a one change in height. Gabion retaining walls are a fantastic way to achieve this single level change and they are also a modern, natural piece of landscaping that you can quite easily build yourself and they are also great for irrigation.

Stairs or Terraces

Far from being purely a practical attribute to a backyard enabling inhabitants to get up and down the garden, stairs can also be a prime aesthetic feature, which blends seamlessly into the landscaping. By the same token, stairs can often be overplayed and appear highly distasteful. So essentially they have the ability to make or break a sloped garden. Stone staircases or terraces are a lovely addition to a garden, and they blend in perfectly to the surrounding hillside garden, while still breaking it up and providing garden linings or borders.

stone stairs 3 stone stairs stone stairs2

Pathway Garden

Garden pathways meandering through a backyard slope are reminiscent of Victorian-era-esque gardens, through which you almost feel obliged to skip whilst holding hands. Pathways are many and varies as they can either be straight, switchback or winding and made of grass, pebbles, stone or concrete.

sloped garden path sloping garden path switchback path

Garden Slope

A popular option when it comes to sloped gardens is to have a continuous garden wall or slope that has aesthetic value and also provides a barrier for example between house and pool with access paths or stairs along the side. Rather than making this access point the centre of the garden, the plants become the focal point. Great native plants to use for such garden slopes are Kangaroo paws, lomandras, ground cover grevilleas and native violet.

garden slope garden slope2 garden slope3


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