movinghouse[1]That dreaded process of packing up everything you own into boxes, navigating your bulky furniture through narrow stairs and doorways, sifting through possessions you  know you don’t need but aren’t ready to depart, somehow transporting all of the above and then getting it back through doorways and stairs and setting it up in a new house is as daunting and tiresome as it sounds.

Moving house is an incredibly arduous process that involves a lot of time, effort and money. The act of moving house is often an exciting and thrilling venture that incorporates new possibilities, improved lifestyle and a more suitable home. However, this joy is usually overshadowed by the strain of the actual movement process. However, moving house doesn’t have to be the laborious and complex pain it usually is. There are ways to make the move easier and make the entire procedure much less stressful.

Storing Your Stuff

If you are going away for a period between houses, self storage lockers in Perth make life a whole lot easier. For just a small fee each week, you can store as little or as many of your belongings as you want with piece of mind knowing it is safe and secure. Storage is also easy if you have a break between leases and are crashing on a friend’s couch for a few days or weeks. Not having to lug everything around with you everywhere you go immediately eliminates some of the stress of moving and makes moving house much easier. Koala Storage is a reputable and affordable storage company, which also offer moving supplies in Perth to help you even further.


Boxes will be your new favourite word after you’ve been through the process of moving. Boxes are the saviour of moving as they are easy to carry, stack, and can fit plenty in them. Just remember they have double moving house boxesthickness book boxes for a reason! There is nothing worse than walking up the stairs of your new place with a trail of movers behind you and the contents of your entire cupboard spilling out

Label Everything

Even if you like to think you have the best memory in the world, the contents of each and every box of possessions you pack up will immediately slip your mind when the repetitive boxes become mixed up in trucks and moved around various houses. So to avoid losing items or spending hours sifting through it, make sure you label from the beginning.

Set Aside Time and Funds

Moving is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive endeavour so don’t try and cheat your way through it – make sure you set aside plenty of time, energy and money. There is no way of avoiding the time that is required for moving house; you can limit the stress but you need to be able to sort through the contents, find new places to put things, buy new furniture or storage items or paintings, pay bonds, fill out tenancy forms, clean out your old place, get your previous bond returned, get the water meter read and every other menial yet  necessary task involved. These tasks such as paying bonds, getting removalists, buying new furniture etc all make quite a dent in the wallet so ensure you have a bit of mulla saved up to cover the costs involved.

It is also well worth your while to simply pay the extra bit of money for removalists to pick up your furniture from inside the house and put it in the new one. Particularly in narrow homes, the effort of struggling to get large, awkward furniture down stairs and through doorways is not worth the marks on the walls or the strained shoulder just to save a few bucks. Sourcing affordable removalists is quite simple and it will save you a huge amount of time and effort.

If you make sure you do all of these things before and during the process of moving house, the experience should be much more enjoyable and less stressful. Because the new year is on the horizon, the peak period of house moving is also dawning. So if you’re thinking of moving house in the new year, keep this list in mind to take a load off yourself during your move.

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