It’s hard to maintain a garden (or any living organism, for that matter) exclusively within the confines of an apartment. There’s not much room to move, very little direct sunlight and a tiny amount of access to fresh air and rain. As such, it’s really difficult to maintain even the smallest pot-plant for too long.

But rest assured, there are some tried and tested DIY projects that can increase your interior space and help you make the most of a small home. Follow these few suggestions and your apartment will be a green friendly space in no time…

1. Use ordinary objects to create pots for plants. Plastic bottles and yogurt containers can be saved and filled with soil from a buddy’s backyard. Set anything aside which might be able to fit on a window sill or attached to a wall-mounted set up (discussed later). Old tins and buckets can also be really useful, so keep an eye out for them!

2. Find a wooden pallet and adapt it. Wooden pallets can be found anywhere, but few people know that they can be used as a cool, vertical growing rack. With just a few simple amendments (use a bit of string and wire to secure hanging pots), plants can be affixed to the pallet which can stand freely against the wall. It’s possible to grow as many as five or six different plants using this method, and it all occurs within just a few metric centimetres!

3. Use your old shoe rack as a hanging garden. Flowers and other pretty plants take up a lot of floor space, so an old shoe rack (the hanging kind found in wardrobes everywhere) can be put to good use as a vertical flower bed. Cut holes into the plastic bases at each level and you can easily get three or four flower pots growing on a small balcony.

4. Make your own worm farm. There are heaps of cool designs for small worm farms online, but most of them only require two ordinary household buckets and an old t-shirt. Your bottom bucket will act as the catch level, while the other will be inserted into it from above. Cover the two buckets in an old shirt or Hessian sack and leave it in a cool, dark spot (a lot of people recommend a spot under the sink). It won’t process a lot of material, but it’ll be effective enough to produce a small amount of fertiliser for your micro-garden!

Next time you’re in a huff over another wilted plant, take action and knock together any one of these easy-to-replicate Do-It -Yourself solutions. After just a few hours of work (and very low cost!) you can get big results in the smallest of spaces. So start your own project today!

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