Inner-city living, without doubt, has its perks. For one thing, the access to amenities, transport, services and shops is unrivaled. Then there’s the exciting sense of cosmopolitanism and the potent ‘buzz’ of urban life. However, living in the CBD can have its downsides, too. Many inner-city residents complain of a lack of calm – they don’t have the ‘breathing space’ that people living in more green, leafy areas do. Some seek solace in inner-city parks or out-of-town long weekends, but the domestic environment often remains a source of stress – purely due to the lack of space.

Making a few at-home modifications might allow urban residents to attain a greater sense of clarity and calm in their homes. For instance, replacing dark, heavy doors with frameless stacking doors in Sydney can allow light to be bounced between surfaces, increasing the sense of openness in each room. Most of the tactics we advocate are visual in nature, but will impact the resident by reducing stress, improving mood and ultimately shifting their sense of well-being for the better.


Honing in on a specific theme or vibe, and adopting this throughout an apartment, will give rise to a distinct sense of cohesion and mood. We don’t necessarily mean a bedroom devoted to Harry Potter (though that does sound amazing). Think more about whether you’d like to mimic the sophistication of an Austrian ski lodge, the laid-back atmosphere of a Thai beach resort, or any other ideal source of inspiration you hit upon.

The vibe you decide to adopt should be reflected in the colour palette, furniture outfit and lighting of the property. Achieving a sense of calm is most likely to occur when all the rooms of an inner-city living space – all two of them, probably – have a clear sense of continuity. If you’ve installed frameless bifold doors and windows in one room, for example, it’s probably best to extend that motif throughout the property. Should your main reference point be a medieval English castle – perhaps a left-of-centre choice, but a valid one nonetheless – you’ll be looking at installing some stone features in each room.


Key to forging a sense of space in any room is the manipulation of light. Most urban properties can feel rather closed-in – even claustrophobic – due to a relative lack of windows. However, installing glass surfaces can rectify this, helping to bring some of the exterior light into the interior environment. To create an airy, modern feel, look at the variety of services and products offered by First Choice Glass. Unless, of course, you’re aiming to recreate that medieval English castle.

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