Once East Central Development apartments were completed it was time to call Quattrois Interiors Studio. Curiously, for a developer, the time between finishing a building and bringing it to market is one of the most uncertain. For despite the care with which it is built, despite the effort and diligence, if the building is not presented in the best possible way all the hard work will be for naught.

The East Central Development is a 7 storey mixed development unit complex literally a stone’s throw from Sydney’s Central Station. You’d think the location alone would be enough to have the apartments being snapped up; but property buyers these days are more discerning.

I was asking one of the developers about this. “The location determines the base price for all properties in the area,” she said. “Those properties still have to compete against one another in quality. And building quality isn’t always something you can see.” And here is where Quattrois Interiors come show their value. “Buyers need to ‘see’ the home they could be living in.”

Quattrois Interiors Studio identified the people most likely to be able and interested in buying apartments at East Central. Once they determined this market segment they furnished an apartment to appeal to their tastes. This apartment was used for the photographs used to sell the apartments.

“There is a lot of uncertainty in the economy at the moment; especially for those in the market segment we are targeting.” Quattrois Interior realized this and furnished the model apartment accordingly: They used a lot of heavy, solid objects in the photographs: Marble tables, dark panelled walls, solid white porcelain sinks. These objects exert a sense of groundedness, of a permanence lacking in our ideal buyers lives. Throughout all the photographs you’ll see a theme of grey, white and black – neutral tones, calming and soothing – colors allowing the mind to wander. The elegance of each room is complemented by the wide-open, stunning views: Simple, softly-lit modernity within – beckoning leafy vistas without. Everything the corporate buyer is looking for when they escape the office at the end of the day.

“If it were my home,” my developer friend continued, “I’d have Quattrois Interiors Studio to design and furnish the apartment. If it’s attractive enough to for you to buy it, it’s attractive enough for you to live in it.”

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