Many families and couples will at some point face the imminent decision of buying or building a home. While some would immediately opt out of the arduous process of designing and building a home due to the immense time and cost involved, others would be thrilled at the exciting challenge it poses.

Kitchen & diningMy parents recently built their dream retirement home. The perfectly individualised steel frame two storey home was suited to their exact needs and contains each and every design element they would ever desire. My dad was able to design his ideal dish drying cupboard at the perfect angle to the kitchen sink so as to avoid double handling when washing. My mum, on the other hand, finally got her hidden, remote controlled TV, which sits inside the television cabinet, thereby exposing the expansive view of the valley except when being used.

They were able to have the fireplace, view and TV all in the central focal point of the living room; increase the size and roof of the deck coordinated exactly with the angles of the sun to maximise temperature all throughout the year; and ensure their studies are on completely opposite sides of the house so mum doesn’t have to hear dad screaming on the phone all day.

Put simply, building a home allows you to customise it to you. All your little quirks and habits, your long-awaited dreams and your new fantasies can be accounted for. Building a home from scratch allows you to be an integral player in the planning and IMG_0683design process so you can specify the layout and features of the home. The immaculacy of your house is only limited by your own imagination (and perhaps your budget).

The process of building a home does take an exhausting amount of time (two and a half years for my parents), and it is an expensive endeavour. In saying this, however, if you are driving the process you are largely able to delineate the price and time period and ensure these are adhered to throughout the building process.

One vital aspect of making the process of building a home more enjoyable is doing sufficient research into builders prior to construction. You need to ensure a builder’s style and previous houses assimilate will with your own plans and that they will be able to understand, interpret and translate your ideas into reality. Don’t be afraid to shop around with builders and turn some down if you don’t think they will do a fantastic job.

My parents researched home builders on the Central Coast long before reaching a final decision. You need to ensure that you can fully trust the people you are putting your future dreams into the hands of. They had great experiences with Wincrest 
as their workers did their absolute utmost to ensure each and every criteria was met and were scrupulous with every individual task. My parents are now living in their dream home, and with sufficient planning, funds and enthusiasm you could too!

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