When you only have a narrow garden to procure an aesthetically pleasing backyard out of, there is a fine balance between sterility and overindulgence. Obviously, different homeowners will desire different things out of their gardens, and thereby require varying designs and styles. However, there are a number of universal tips and design elements that can help anyone achieve a fantastic yard out of a long, narrow garden.

Curved Garden Pathcurved path

By creating a curved or zig-zag garden path, the vertical, linear effect of the garden is broken up and focus is drawn away from it as this only accentuates the limited width. Instead, the visual journey is slowed and the garden feels and appears to be larger.

Checkerboard Pavement

A checkerboard pattern on the pavement is a popular option for narrow garden landscapers as once again it breaks up the linear length. It is also often used instead of grass, as paving is clean, easily maintainable and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear.

Low and Creeping Plants

cordylineLow-lying plants emphasise the horizontal axis of a narrow garden, thus making the space feel more expansive. You also need to ensure the plants do not grow too uncontrollably or have too wide foliage so as not to encroach on the pathways or grass area. Some great groundcover planting options include lomandras, mondo grass and bromeliads. Cordylines a fantastic middle-level plant that can add some colour but fit into a confined spaces (see left). A great hedge plant or pot plant that blooms vibrant flowers and edible fruits is the syzigium, known commonly as Lilly Pilly. Some people also opt for towering plants to give vertical prominence to the garden with plants such as Carpentaria palms.

bougainvilleaCreeping plants along the fence of a narrow garden also add more greenery without taking up too much room and cluttering up the back (or side) yard. There are plenty of colourful and great-smelling vines and creepers that will add a brilliant effervescence to your garden, but some of the most favoured plants here include the bougainvillia (see left), golden trumpet vine, madagascar jasmine or pandorea.

narrow garden

Length-ways Dining Area

If you have room for a dining area or small patio, try to angle the furniture lengthways. This ensures the space between the house and garden isn’t blocked off and ensures you can still have a suitable outdoor entertaining area that is immersed in the narrow garden. Pot plants are also a great additive for elegance, breaking up pavement or patio while adding some extra plant life.

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