multi-storey apartments

Everyone knows that multi-storey apartments are some of the narrowest homes of all. Technically, they have to be, in order to fit all of the apartments in! But if you’re living solo, or share with one other person, narrow, multi-storey apartments aren’t actually that bad. They may look tiny, but believe me, you’ll get creative quick with your use of space. Storage will become a whole other challenge you face in the home, and you’ll develop a love for multi-purpose furniture. It won’t take long before you can transform the dining room into a study space, or the living room into a gym. Living in multi-storey apartments need careful consideration for space and design, so naturally, the building of them requires the same. If you’ve built your own house, are looking to build, or are exploring the possibility of building multi-storey apartments, you need to get economical. When it comes to creating the perfectly designed narrow home, we know all the best ways to make it happen.

Where do I begin?

multi-storey apartments

If you’re a property developer or a real estate magnate, you might want to hire the professionals. You know, the office men with the engineering brains and the skilled tradesmen who are going to build things? If it’s a multi-storey apartment you’re planning to erect, hiring a contracted construction company will help you to verbalise your ideas, and have someone else make them happen.

What do I need?

To design multi-storey apartments you need an eye for detail. Whether it’s understanding that the kitchen needs enough space for people to move around in, or that bedrooms should have built in wardrobes, design is another major factor for when you design your multi-storey apartments. Perhaps you want to hire someone with a knack for these things, or maybe you want to have a go yourself. Either way, you’ll need to do some research to get it right. Attend the open houses of other narrow homes and multi-storey apartments to see how they arrange their rooms. Take photographs, and start to collate them all in a book of design ideas. Dedicate pages just for the materials you think need to be used for the walls, the floors, and the kitchen bench-tops. Drawing up floor plans are another great way to get a feel for how the apartments will look. Consulting a professional architect can help with this, as they have a more scaled idea of how things will fit together.

multi-storey apartmentsWhat will it take?

Ever been on a construction site before? It takes a lot of equipment, machinery, and manual labour to get multi-storey apartments rising above the skyline. Every piece of equipment, from concrete pumping and injection equipment, to cranes and masses of protective gear, will be littered around the site. In order to have the concrete you’ll need to build the fundamental elements of your multi-storey apartments, something known as a concrete batching plant is usually required. These essentially produce the concrete your workers will need to get the building off the ground. If you’re in the market for a particular company that offers all of the tools you need to build multi-storey apartments, check out Batchcrete, a company that works on large scale construction projects all over Australia.

Whether you’re taking on your first construction job, or hiring the professionals to see your dream multi-storey apartments come to life, there are stacks of tricks you need to keep track of. Everything from design to equipment, and all things in between, are major considerations for such a hefty project. But as an ambitious individual, you know you need to work to get your dreams up in the air – literally. The feeling when your large scale construction projects finally come together will make it all worth it in the end.

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