Sometimes, the clutter of modern life can become too much. Remotes by the handful, keys that will bore a hole in your trouser pocket, and kitchen utensils crammed with desperation into a far-flung cupboard.

Those living in a sleek, modern home may wish to complement the architecture of their abode – all straight lines and simplicity – by adopting a home life that is similarly minimalist. Otherwise, the disjunction between the intended sense of structure and organisation conveyed by the architecture, and the anarchism of one thousands newspapers strewn across a coffee table, could prevent your home from forging a cohesive identity.

Going from borderline-hoarder to space haven protector is not an easy shift to make, but undertaking a few key strategies will help to make the process easier.


First thing’s first: minimalism by definition involves limiting the amount of stuff – things, objects, bits and pieces – in your home. To start off your campaign for minimalist living, undertake the most extensive, brutal spring clean of your life. Unless it’s absolutely essential, it has to go.

Initially, dedicate three piles to “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” items. The former pile should, ideally be smaller than the others. If you haven’t used something in the last 18 months, chances are it doesn’t merit keeping. Ease the pain of departing with your less-than-vital, but still useful items, donate them to charitable organisation such as Vinnies. What you lose in objects, you’ll gain in karma!


Taking to your worldly possessions with such ruthlessness is understandably difficult. If there are a few things – sentimental items and ‘save-for-a-rainy-day’ tokens – that you just can’t part with, options like self storage lockers in Perth will allow you to hang on to your second-tier possessions, and still maintain a minimalist lifestyle at home. Adopting a truly minimalist lifestyle might also mean that some of your current furnishings – Georgian armchairs and mahogany tables, for instance – don’t really suit your home’s new vibe.

However, you’ll need to consider storage methods that prevent those items from harm. Temperature controlled storage means that staining, mould, and cracking can be avoided. Less reliable storage services than could see your items subject to security or temperature problems, so choose wisely.


minimalist-artworksTo emphasise your newly clean, simplified living style, reward yourself with some artworks. The lack of clutter will make the paintings you purchase looks all the more spectacular, with their dramatic brushstrokes not competing for attention with dirty Care Bears or year-old magazines.

By purchasing some artistic pieces, you’ll gain something tangible in exchange for the material sacrifices you’ve had to make along the way. As time passes – assuming you can maintain the minimalist approach – you’ll feel more at peace in your home. Enjoy the serenity!

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