So, you’ve built your dream home. You’ve furnished it to the best possible taste (your own, of course). The garden is looking pristine. You’re feeling pretty happy – smug, even. Why not show off all your hard work? Chances are you’ve undergone a hard slog to pull off the sub/urban dream: years of saving, the stress of the real estate market, the loans, the renovations, the hours spent at Nick Scali, the rushing removalists, and the settling dust. And that’s probably only half of the ordeal.

Once your journey to domestic bliss has reached its culmination, you should be proud of your efforts. Every inch of granite benchtop, every gilded frame, and every glass vase deserves to be seen. Taking the time to show your home to loved ones – and the wider world – will help you to fully appreciate the setting you’ve crafted. Home promotion can be conducted by a number of different avenues.

Personal events

If home is where the heart is, then surely your abode should be filled not only with beautiful things, but with beautiful memories. Over time, as you play host to family Christmases, birthday parties, and other joyful occasions, the ties you have to your home will become increasingly deep and emotional – not only aesthetic. As you host friends and family, word-of-mouth will likely spread about your beautiful abode.

Corporate events

Think about leveraging your spectacular domestic abode from a corporate perspective. If you run your own business, it could make for the perfect, intimate setting for a business meeting, a soiree with clients, or a product launch with key guests. Corporate events management services in Sydney will help you to ensure that professionalism and warmth are achieved in equal measure at your event. Think open house, meets corporate meeting.hg1111p000_cov_95_0001_20110930_133316

Video documentation

To preserve your house in your memory, you should document its changes. When you install a new painting, re-furbish the kitchen, or install a pool, be sure to take photo and video footage. What you’ll be left with is a visual record of how your house changed with its inhabitants. To maximise the clarity and quality of these documentations, consider taking on a video production and video editing company like Scope Productions. Who knows – it could even help you in the process of selling, when the time comes to move on.

Magazines and media

For many domestic and architectural aficionados, the ultimate mark of respect is media recognition. It could be a mention in the Real Estate section of your local paper; it could be a spot on Better Homes & Gardens; it could even be a shoot in House & Garden magazine. The ways in which beautiful properties and buildings end up featured in the media are something of a mystery; editors and contributors might spot your property by mere change, but it could also be worthwhile trying to contact them yourself, if you’re confident that your property is up to scratch. Good luck!

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