Because narrow homes are often focused towards height rather than width, it is vital to make the most of this asset and to use it to open up space in a narrow room. Greater distances between the floor and ceiling means that many more creative interior design options can be explored to add innovative flair to the room and accentuate the space so that it feels larger.

Hanging Pendant Lights

kitchen hanging lights        

Rather than having lamps, which only clutter the limited floor space, make use of the vertical scope by drawing attention upwards. Hanging pendant lights are a great way to add character to a narrow home and to capitalise on the area at the top end of the room which isn’t being used. Hanging lights work well in hallways, living rooms and kitchens. The modern kitchen increasingly features three pendant lights towering over an island kitchen bench.

Big Glass Windows

glass wall

Glass is the staple feature of any narrow home as it allows light to enter the room, thus making it brighter and appearing more spacious. The higher the walls, the higher a glass window can be, meaning a greater amount of light entering the narrow home and therefore a larger house. Having an expansive glass wall also blends the outside environment seemingly into the interior of the house, opening up the space even more.

Large Wall-Attached Book Shelves


Why have bulky, space-consuming cupboards or shelves in the centre of a room, which only break up and clutter an area when you can have contemporary, climbing book shelves? Book shelves running the length of a wall from floor to ceiling are aesthetic attributes that not only hold inordinate amounts of items, but they also once again draw attention to the height of a room and can be incredibly chic and stylish.

Long Wall Panels

tall panel

Another effective way to accentuate the vertical aspect of a narrow home is to add long panels to create a strong focal point and draw the eye upwards. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make it an extension of a roaring fireplace or a modern entertainment wall behind a television.

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