small roomEveryone’s favourite judge on The Block, Shaynna Blaze, has a huge amount of design knowledge when renovating houses. She might not always be the nicest person when critiquing rooms on the popular TV show, but no one can deny she knows her stuff. Another gig Shaynna is known for is Selling Houses Australia, a home renovation show. It was on this show that Shaynna explained the importance of making a small room feel bigger than what they actually are. There are a number of tricks and tips to giving a small room the feel and illusion of a large room, and we want to share those around, so no one has to feel cramped and claustrophobic in their homes anymore!

Small room saviours

When you have one or more tiny rooms, there are some sneaky secrets that good old design-guru Shaynna Blaze has shared with us. We won’t make you wait any longer!

  • Have one or two pieces of statement furniture, rather than trying to save it with lots of smaller furniture pieces. Rather than cluttering the room with desks, chairs and bookshelves, along with a stack of accessories on display, pick one lounge, and one table to match. Make a statement, and keep surfaces clean and simple.
  • Get creative with storage ideas. Think window seat storage, inside ottomans or oversized stools, and in clear view on the walls. You might not have the space for big pieces of functional furniture, but if you’re clever with space, you’ll find the small room feeling bigger in no time. 
  • small roomUse as much natural light in your small room – it will instantly create an illusion of space. Clear, quality glass windows are a huge bonus to enhancing a small room. Light- filtering blinds are a great way to keep natural light in the room, and the curious eyes of neighbours out.
  • Keep the colour palette pale and neutral, drawing attention away from the small room size, and onto the expansive feel the colours will create. Use the vertical space creatively as well – think long pendant lighting and artworks, which will draw the eyes upward and give a bigger feel to the space.

If there’s anything that’s important to people both living in and buying houses, it’s size. When you have a small room (or rooms) to work with, these type of tricks will help give the illusion of an expansive, open space, rather than a cluttered, tiny one. If you keep things simple, statement, and neat, you’ll see an immediate change in the way the room feels. Keep the place tidy and be smart with knowing the difference between what you want in the room and what you actually need. You can thank Shaynna later.

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