It is a well known fact that the more glass in a room, the larger it appears to be. Having large glass windows, doors or fences is not only a great aesthetic and modern design choice, but it also improves your view of surrounding areas and makes your home feel much more open.

frameless glass windows Blend the Interior and Exterior

Seamlessly blending the outdoors with interior of your house will open up the rooms of your home by immersing it with the great open spaces. Being able to see the areas outside of your house with  glass windows and doors achieves wonders in making a small or narrow home feel ostensibly more spacious. Having sweeping views also draws attention away from the small room and towards the expansive outside world.

Increase Light

One of the primary tips for making a small room look larger is by increasing the amount of light that hits it. Maximising light avoids creating cramped spaces and effectively opens it all up. Frameless bifold doors and windows help bounce light around the room and create reflections that vastly increase the light and thereby the ‘space’ in a room. Combine it with light coloured wall paint and the amount of light in the room will increase dramatically.

Glass Doors and Furniture

As well as opening up the space to outside, glass features inside the home can also open up a room. For example, large transparent glass shower doors make narrow bathrooms feel roomier by opening it up into one larger area, rather than sectioning it off into smaller nooks and crevices.
glass fenceLook for frameless shower screens and doors in Sydney to expand the space in hallways, bathrooms and between rooms. As well as this, it is also a great idea to install glass pool fences and coffee tables so that your view of a room or garden is not obstructed by obtrusive furniture. 

The Importance of Frameless Glass

Having small blocks of glass with huge, clunky frames defeats the purpose of glass providing smooth, transparent open spaces. Therefore, it is important to use frameless glass to make windows or doors look cleaner and be more aesthetically pleasing. First Choice Glass offers high quality frameless glass products that are perfectly suited to narrow homes. Employing frameless glass in your home is the ideal way to create more expansive spaces with increased light, seamless breaks between rooms and spectacular, open views of outside areas.


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