When we get caught up in a big event or an impactful process, it’s easy to forget about what comes after. Sometimes, the post-event benefits can rival – or even surpass – the activity around which they’re built; think the après-ski, the post-Easter chocolate hoard, or the Boxing Day sales.

Unfortunately, what comes after the strenuous and rewarding process of moving house isn’t quite as desirable as those examples. Home maintenance is a necessary and prolonged evil. Without it, domestic abodes would decline and ultimately crumble. Some of the stress can be taken out of the never-ending process by roping in external services, but all the same, it’s (almost) never going to be great fun.


For some, garden maintenance is a hobby. Secateurs and sunflowers can bring both mental and physical benefits, through the repetition of relaxing movements that, over time, will still help burn some calories. Of course, some gardening activities are more sought-after than others; few people would likely choose weeding over planting, for instance.

Those less-than-enjoyable aspects of gardening, though, can always be farmed out. Everything from hedging, to weeding, to landscaping and mowing can by taken care of by others – frequently men named Jim. Alternatively, if you’re particularly averse to gardening, you could just opt for a property without an expanse of lawn. Easy!


Given your potential preoccupation with interiors furnishings and exterior plants, it can be easy to forget the importance of the actual foundations of your home. Without regular re-assessment, concrete bases can be harmed by climate, erosion, or weather. Concrete protection and cement repair products will help to ensure that the foundations of your home remain solid and safe. However, if you’re unsure about undertaking these sorts of activities, you should consider utilising the services of a business like Bluey Technologies.  People who produce innovative concrete solutions for tunnels will be more-than-fit to assess the state of your home’s foundations, and take action if necessary.

Day-to-day choresmaintaining-gloves

When enjoying the thrall of home design and construction, we tend to ignore some of the practicalities of day-to-day life, only imagining how the space will be used in the most charmed and stress-free of moments. When push comes to shove, and dust comes to wood, cleaning and related domestic tasks are likely to prove the most constant annoyance of all home maintenance options. Of course, cleaners can be hired to take the brunt of this particular aspect of maintaining a pleasant home. However, you’re likely to find yourself noticing that those hard-to-reach cabinet tops and grotty bath floors still require attention that only a committed home owner would commit – so stock up on your Marigold gloves.

Maintaining your home is unlikely to give you the same pleasure and buzz as an après-ski following a day of black runs in the Alps. However, it’s as just as important a task if you want to gain the most value – both financial and personal – from the domestic sphere.

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