For every son who’s started a DIY project with their dad, there’s a new way to help make those weekends a fun family affair!

We were standing in the backyard, contemplating what to do.  Dad bought this property, only a few months back, as an investment for the future. He had big plans.

“Over there,” he said. “We could make a garden and pave that space. It’d be perfect for barbeques.” I agreed, but I was thinking about the two things he was lacking: time and money. The purchase of the house, the stamp duty, moving costs, I knew it all had to add up to one gigantic bill. And on dad’s retiree budget, it would seem even bigger.

“Maybe you could take your time. Figure out exactly what you want to do and then put it together over time.”

“Yeah,” he added, squinting in the sun. “It’ll have to be a while.”

About a week later I got a call from dad. “Son,” he said. “I’ve found this great website!” I was taken aback a little; dad didn’t usually spend much time online and I’d thought of him as practically illiterate when it came to using his computer. “It’s called buildstore.com.au, and I reckon I could get everything I need for peanuts.”

“Hold on a second.” I moved over to my laptop and pulled it up. “Oh,” I said, pleasantly surprised. “It’s like a marketplace for building and renovating.”

“Yep, you can register and then order or bid for things online. You can compare prices and look at different products too. And the best bit is, if I buy too much, I can re-sell it online through them too.”

Over the next few weeks, dad bought all those things he needed to overhaul his vacant yard. The best part was that he’d been able to check out some handy YouTube tutorials on renovations at the bottom of the BuildStore page. Now he had all the materials and the right way to use them too!

We started work early one Saturday morning and finished the paved area that same day. The next Saturday we placed the rocks and pots in place for the garden, and by that afternoon we were enjoying a quiet beer and looking over our work.

“Gee,” dad said from his seat beside the garden table, “…we’ve done well.” I looked out over the garden and admired the vision dad had for his home. After just a few weekends work, the yard was looking completely different. I was proud.

“It’d be nice to have the grandkids around for lunch sometime. Maybe we could set up a swing on the jacaranda near the fence.” He leaned forward in his chair and sipped from the icy brown bottle. He stopped for another moment and rubbed his cheeks. “You know, it wouldn’t hurt to pop a pergola in the corner there, or even put in a fountain over by the tree.” I looked at him and laughed. He leaned back into his chair and looked over at me. “I’ll check out BuildStore later tonight and see what’s what.”I could tell dad’s big plans weren’t finished.


The Backyard now.

The Backyard now.

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