Originally excluded to the most expensive and luxurious resorts, or the kind of thing reserved only for movies, infinity edge pools are avant-garde, impressive features that are perfectly suited to houses on sloping lots. They are becoming an increasingly popular addition to Australian homes as they add a dramatic edge (quite literally) to any backyard. The infinity edge pool is believes to have origins in  17th Century France as it was reportedly used in the Stag Fountain at the Palace of Versailles.

Also known as negative edge or vanishing edge pools, these incredible, visually stimulating attractions grew in popularity around the world and have inspired top class resorts from around the world. One of the most renowned infinity edge pools would have to be the 55 story high pool on the edge of Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. This awe-inspiring location makes residents appear to be floating on the doorstep of the skyscrapers of the beautiful city. Swimmers become completely immersed in all the lights and atmosphere Singapore has to offer.


However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because this $4 billion resort obtains such a mesmerising infinity edge pool, that you can’t feature one in your own backyard. There are countless companies in Australia which build custom made infinity edge pools in the average backyard at varying degrees of costs. They are a great way to accentuate landscape views that your house offers, thereby making them particularly suited to hillside homes. They can be employed in either single or multi-story homes, particularly if the house is already located on a sloping lot. Infinity edge pools make views appear all the more dramatic and also give the impression of water cascading off the edge into infinity. In reality, the water actually drops into a carefully designed catch basin below so don’t worry no warer is being wasted.

Here are some of the most amazing domestic examples of household infinity edge pools for sloping houses, which capitalise on expansive views and give a modern, dazzling pizzazz to your home.

Infinity Edge pool infinity edge pool4 Infinity edge-Pool3 infinity-edge pool2




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