hosting christmasIf you’ve been delegated the daunting task of hosting the family Christmas and you’re worried your home will struggle to hold all the relatives, don’t be. There are a few easy ways you can expand the size of your narrow home to make it feel roomier when entertaining. Here are the best tips to make hosting Christmas in a narrow home carefree and easy.

Christmas Tree

The staple of Christmas festivities, having a small home should never prevent you from going without a Christmas tree. These days, there are a huge variety of novel Christmas trees available that don’t take up as much space as a huge, floor to ceiling abomination. Getting a thinner Christmas tree will dramatically decrease the amount of space it appears to take up. If you can see through the branches, the room will feel a lot larger compared to it being stuck in the middle of the room, breaking up the house and splitting the family in two. There are also a range of non-traditional fake trees which much thinner, are easy to install and still look festive.

thin christmas treeIf there is no logical place to put the Christmas tree inside without it becoming the literal giant elephant in the room, consider placing the tree outside. In Australia, the hot summer weather makes the outdoors the perfect location to celebrate Christmas Day. Putting the tree in the centre of the action ensures you will get use out of it and that the family will make the most of the sun. The outdoors also probably has more space than your narrow house, so if possible, hosting the festivities outside would be a great option regardless.


Buy New

There is a fine line between having enough furniture to seat the entire family when you’re hosting Christmas while still guaranteeing enough room to be able to walk past tables. If you don’t have suitable furniture, treating yourself to select furniture and homeware from interior designers would be a great Christmas present to yourself and to your home. It is a great way to make the Christmas events much less stressful and to make your house more permanently entertaining-friendly in the future. The best type of furniture is thin, non-clunky homeware, which don’t take up too much space but can still seat a lot of people. Wrought iron chairs and table with transparent glass is great for the outdoors and simple, elegant and clean cut ideal for the interior.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture or rearrange it if need be. Sometime moving furniture around slightly can do wonders in opening up a room and creating extra space. You should also remove any unnecessary furniture such as pouffes, bean bags or unneeded bedside tables when hosting Christmas. Either store them in the garage, basement of attic, but if that isn’t an option, simply put it temporarily in your bedroom.

vintage furnitureGo for a Theme

Adding a theme to a room or your entire house helps make the interior consistent and uniform, thereby making the house flow better and seem cleaner and more spacious. You could go for a Christmas theme and make plenty of DIY decorations (as long as they’re small and relegated to the walls or edges of the room), or for a more permanent theme such as vintage home decor Brisbane, perfect for the classic Queenslander homes. Vintage furniture is ideal for narrow homes as the furniture is simple and clear-cut yet full of character and aesthetically interesting. Allysias Attic has a huge range of vintage furniture to make your home quaint and full of personality.


In a narrow home, you should always try to avoid overhead lighting, particularly when entertaining. Mood lighting goes a long way in building the atmosphere for a celebration and making the event feel comfortable and cosy. When hosting Christmas, this is obviously the perfect excuse to add some mood lighting by draping Christmas lights over patios or along walls and using candles for some extra Christmas spirit.

The most important thing is to not be deterred from hosting Christmas because you only have a small apartment or a narrow house. The point of Christmas is to celebrate with family and enjoy each other’s company. Having an intimate space guarantees you all get to spend quality time with each other

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