Inner city and urban living requires a certain level of adaptability. You must get used to not having a garden and paying dearly for almost every inch of floor space. As a result, apartments with big balconies offer residents the chance to live a little and enjoy their precious outdoor space. If you’re lucky enough to have one, here are a few tips for creatively using your balcony…

Install a hammock. Hammocks are a fun and relaxing way to idle away the time. Simply buy a sturdy and well made hammock and affix some hooks to the wall. This can all be done pretty easily, and there might already be bolt and other fixtures in place. After hooking up the sling, sit back and rock the days away in relative bliss!

Start a garden. Creative use of flower pots and other DIY projects offer residents in small homes the chance to have their own garden. A balcony is a great place for a garden as it has direct access to sunlight and fresh air, the two essential requirements of gardening. Try to leave enough space for all plants to get direct sunlight, and be sure to make sure they are safe from morning birds and other pests. In no time at all, your balcony will be overflowing with green delights.

Buy an outdoor sofa. It’s not exactly the boldest use of a balcony, but having an outdoor sofa can really open up the house and allow its occupants to use its space. It doesn’t have to be too obtrusive, but a plush outdoor setting will encourage you to catch the sunset with a good book or a glass of wine. What could be better?

Set up an outdoor studio. If you’ve ever enjoyed painting or any visual arts, then a balcony can function as a kind of outdoor studio. There’s no rent and the natural light will always be great, so grab your easel and head out today!



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