Home, they say, is where the heart is. But unfortunately, too much time in the house can related in that heart becoming bitter, blackened, and twisted. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a home-office worker, spending day after day in one building can result in a sort of claustrophobia and extreme boredom. Just think of The Sims.

So many of us invest so much – personally and financially – into building a home. To avoid the shine of your dream domestic abode wearing off, you should try to occasionally get out of the house. Otherwise, you could come to loathe it, gradually going stir-crazy and turning into a crazy cat woman.

Exercise elsewhere

Any sort of physical exertion will help to distract you from your frustrations, and flood you with welcome endorphins. The further afield that you can venture, the better – the breathing space is sure  to do you good. If you live inland, try to find the time to venture to the coast for half a day. If you’re an inner-city resident, a hike in a semi-rural area would surely be beneficial.


Getting your mind off domestic travails could be as easy as taking to the nearest Ella Bache Franchise for a mani-pedi. Making the trip with a friend or relative will also fulfill your social needs, resulting in a sense of personal renewal – plus those rather beautiful nails.

Inside, Outside

Not all housebound home-owners have the luxury of venturing across their city for a breath of metaphorical and literal fresh air. Those tied to the house by a needy infant or an equally dependent home business need to be more pragmatic about how they avoid the dreaded stir-craziness.

One option is to spend time working outdoors. The vitamin D will help to counteract feelings of entrapment, and the air – while not entirely sea-salty – will still be somewhat fresh. If you’re minding an infant, be sure to protect them from the sun’s rays; if your business if your baby, then staying within the bounds of Wi-Fi access will be important.

If you can find the time, taking to the garden on a regular basis will also help to curb feelings of boredom. Watching seedlings grow and develop will give you a sense of accomplishment, and can also help to relieve the stress that being enclosed by four sturdy walls can bring. Developing a fondness for another aspect of your home will help to counteract the reticence that could otherwise be developing towards the domestic sphere.

Room 101

Aaaarg!Even if you’re without a garden, moving around the house progressively should ease some of the burdens placed on you. Don’t feel trapped in the living room – switch between the couch, the dining room table, the kitchen benchtop, and other surfaces with your laptop to provide some form of relief and re-invigoration on a regular basis.

Take a class

If your attachment to the home is down to social circumstance, as opposed to your job or family situation, it’s much easier to solve the problem. Taking a second look at your local community – even if you’ve previously deemed it to be full of good-for-nothing bogans – could help to relieve the stress and loneliness that self-imposed house arrest can bring.

To begin forging connections with your neighbours,  some form of class – perhaps run by an RSL, a local educational institution, or a church – is probably the best bet. What’s on offer should be a vareity of engaging options, ranging from learning a language to becoming a computer whiz.


If nothing else is working for you, it’s possible that working from home – or being shackled to your infant child – just isn’t going to work. Addressing the current state of affairs, and taking steps to remedy it, is always a tough process. Think about your options – perhaps you’d like to own an Ella Bache skin care salon in Sydney, offering you more regular social contact and a prominent place in the local community. Those who start new beauty salons tend to find it a refreshing change of pace. Alternatively, you could look for a more conventional office job, or advertise for a nanny to give you more freedom. These sorts of transitions are never easy, but if you’re suffering from being trapped at home, making the effort is sure to be worthwhile.

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