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Have you fallen in love with the ideal location for your custom built home? There’s a school down the road, and a corner store nearby. Maybe even a gorgeous little cafe just 2 minutes walk away? It happens. But what happens if the location, and the lot, are difficult blocks to design on? If they happen to be narrow or sloping blocks on which all your home and land problems fall, you’ll need to rethink some of your designs. Luckily, there are places that exist specifically to fix these problems. A number of home and land specialists build custom design homes for every tricky situation – from large blocks to narrow blocks, and even sloping and split level blocks. Home and land difficulties are no longer an issue when it comes to finding not only your dream location and block, but your ideal, personalised home design as well.

Home and Land Builder Packages Sydney

In every home and land builder company, there are a number of display homes around for you to inspect and survey. You might already have designs in mind, but seeing them in the flesh can make all the difference. Narrow and sloping blocks need special considerations, and when you want the ultimate home, you want an expert who can make it happen. One of the companies we turn to are the lovely people at Wincrest Homes, who have more than enough experience and expertise combined to build on even the trickiest blocks of land. They have display homes for your benefit in Sydney and on the Central Coast. Their House Builder Newcastle display centre is another of the impressive places you can see your ideal home in person, feel the walls and walk through the space, imagining your life within those walls. The Wincrest ‘old guys’, as they are affectionately known, have been building dream homes for customers for over 50 years, and to witness a narrow or sloping block transform into the home someone wants to grow old in, is certainly a profession worth embracing. It’s everyone’s dream to have their own original home and land design, and regardless of your location, your difficult block of land, or your budget, creating your very own design is something absolutely worth considering. Dream on in the best way possible, and watch your perfect home come to life…

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