If you’re living in a narrow block, you might find yourself with an odd room or worse still, a set of stairs so narrow that getting any kind of furniture up there is impossible, let alone a wardrobe. If you’ve found yourself in need of some space economising clothes hanging solutions, this is the list for you. Below are 6 ways to hang your clothes and organise your room.

For all IKEA lovers this is a no brainer, simply buy your freestanding wardrobe as a flat pack and assemble once you’re in the room. On the downside, a good quality flat pack can be expensive, as the cheaper ones tend to bow after a certain period.

Custom Wardrobe

If you find your self with an odd sized space, it might be worth considering custom built ins. This is the pricier option, and will set you back a few hundred just for the basic frame and rack. But if you find you need absolute control over size, and style, this is the way to go.

Clothes Rack

If you’re not fussed about being able to close everything away, the next best solution is a clothes rack. They are relatively cheap, easy to carry and assemble, and come in all sorts of sizes, perfect for that weird inlet you have next to the old fireplace.

Your options range from the very cheap IKEA rack at $10.00 to the expensive at around $500 at Urban Outfitters.

The important thing with a clothes rack is to check the quality – the cheaper ones are notorious for not being able to take the weight and slowly collapsing over time. If you’re going to buy one, do a floor test. Give a shake, and if it wobbles, let it go.

Currently, my favourite clothing rack is a quite sturdy model at Bunnings for around $100. It comes with adjustable shelves for extra storage.


If you’re looking for more of a statement piece, then it’s time to DIY. As Ashely Tyler of Brit Co has outlined, DIY racks come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve listed some of the highlights below.

Custom Clothes Rack

For instance, it’s possible to make your own clothing rack with only a few supplies and a small amount of skill. This option will allow you to customise everything you need: length, width, heigh, depth, colour and so on.

Wooden Ladder Clothes Rack

If you find your after something that has more of a statement, you can try wall mounting a wooden ladder like Corriere Living has done. This incredibly stylish clothes rack doubles as a shelf, thus maximising your space.

Hanging Branch Clothes Rack

Then there’s the hanging branch rack. This gorgeous hanging rack looks stylish and is relatively easy to make. Hanging a rack from the ceiling opens up all kinds of possibilities. Allowing you to store things underneath and save precious floor space. All you need is a stick, some ceiling screws, wire, and paint of your choice, then you’re ready to go.

When it comes to clothes hanging solutions, the most important thing is to find something that will maximise the space that you have. Whatever option you choose, just remember, make sure it’s going to fit.

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