FJ HoldenMy son and I are car enthusiasts. A few years ago my wife and I were fortunate enough to win a large sum of money in Australia’s Gold Lotto. It was enough to set us up for life and allow my son and I to indulge in our passion for restoring antique cars – especially old FJ Holdens.

We’d always enjoyed working on cars together, but never had the finances to devote ourselves to our hobby. All that changed on one lucky day.

We determined to buy and restore all the FJ’s we could get our hands on. But were faced with the dilemma of first finding the cars and then sourcing the materials with which to repair them.

Fortunately my wife is something of an internet expert. She found the Classic Car Investment website, which allowed us to scan in minutes what would otherwise take days to find. We were able to meet a lot of passionate, knowledgeable car enthusiasts; people who could help us track down good quality FJ’s and the ever dwindling number of parts needed to repair them.

FJ Holden 1FJ Holdens haven’t been produced in over three decades. No one is quite sure how many of them still remain. So my son and I set out to save as many of these beautiful cars as we could.

But if we thought finding the cars was difficult, that was nothing compared to finding the parts.

For a second time my wife came to the rescue. She found an online building, renovating and DIY store. But we found it was much more than this. Build Store is more of a clearing house for products rather than merely a store. Anyone with an account can post items for sale as well as buy them.

So while Holden doesn’t make parts for their classic FJ we found people who did! That’s right, we found people, like ourselves (obviously with more mechanical skills and training), able and willing to produce one-off parts. Parts we never thought able to be found were right there – listed for sale on the Build Store website.

It was a coup for our hobby and has allowed us to save a glorious, beautiful car from extinction.

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