fresh styleLiving in a narrow home, you can quickly give up on any creative pursuits to make your house come alive. There’s no room to put big ticket items, no space to impress with funky furniture. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to just give up on bringing some makeover magic to your home. You can still inject fresh style into your narrow home with some creative tricks. You can make your rooms look bigger, store things smarter, and get creative in the way you show off your interior. A narrow home might limit you in some things, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the gorgeous home you deserve! Here, we give you the top tips to bringing fresh style to your narrow home, without feeling like you’ve sacrificed any space at all!

Colour Palettes

Colour palettes are important to making the most of your space, and achieving fresh style. If you want to give the illusion of a large, open room with just as much space as the house next door, a lot of tricks lie in the colour palettes you use. Light colours, everything from white to beige and taupe, work wonders for opening up and brightening a room. If you can’t forgo a bit of colour, there are still options for you. Paint a feature wall in a sharp, bold colour for some fresh style. It can be electric blue, lime green – just avoid colours that look dull and lacklustre. Similarly, to inject some colour into your white room, go for statement, bold ornaments, a single arm chair, or even curtains in a bright block colour.

fresh styleMultipurpose furniture

Being clever and creative takes talent, but we can show you the shortcut to finding fresh style. Multi-functional furniture is the holy grail of design for fresh style in narrow homes. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage lets you tuck away blankets and books, and also makes a compact footrest or cute little stool. Similarly, window seats can hold extra stuff for you too! Sneaky dining room tables that can fold out to be bigger when your guests come around are another great way to keep things simple and spacious. Bookshelves are no longer just for books either – you can store fancy plates and bowls, lamps, wine bottles and clocks. Anything that sits in a bookshelf can be stored in it, and will bring original and fresh style to your narrow home.

Get statement pieces

When space is limited but you still want to make an impact, choose statement items that draw attention away from the lack of space. A great way to find fresh style is by taking inspiration from another era or culture and capturing that in your furniture. French style vintage homeware are fantastic options for some fresh style and creative design. Vintage and antique decor create lasting impressions, and only require one or two pieces to get there. Antique style designer homeware can be found in any great vintage furniture store or online at great suppliers like Allissia’s Attic Design. The pieces can be anything from a vintage leather armchair, to a gorgeous framed, rustic mirror.

fresh styleBe selective

Pick and choose what furniture you actually need. Whatever seems unnecessary, or can be substituted for something else, needs to go. Coffee tables, for example, often don’t give you the fresh style you’re looking for, instead making a narrow room feel cramped and cluttered. Try having a few cute side tables next to lounges and armchairs, as they still do the same job of holding cups and magazines, yet free up the space in between to move around in easier. In the office, ditch the bulky filing cabinets, and store your notes in boxes elevated on nifty shelves. Not only are they out of your way, but create a unique storing system that looks super cute and quirky. Fresh style has never been more efficient!

In a narrow home, you have to be meticulous with what you bring in, what you kick out, and how you use your space. Lighter colours, statement furniture and neat storage designs are major parts of being clever about your use of space, and in the process, you’re developing a fresh style that is simple and minimalistic. To get your narrow home looking and feeling spacious, your original, fresh style ideas need to incorporate sneaky storage systems and creative display tactics. Every bit of space counts, and when you bring a little life and colour to your home, you really can’t go wrong.

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