Aboriginal ArtAboriginal ArtI’ll bet you’ve got a stack of white walls in your house that are there purely for strategy. You know, when you use white to make a space feel bigger? On narrow blocks especially, white walls, mirrors and tall glass windows are all important if you’re trying to maximise your space. These elements help to open up rooms and make them feel full of light, but sometimes, walls can be too white. I know, I know, everyone tells you that white walls equals big space, but sometimes, everyone is wrong. Of course, keep the white walls, but mix it up a little and add some inspirational art to create a cultural vibe. Aboriginal art is the epitome of culture, and has a warming quality when paired with a plain white wall. Aboriginal art comes in every colour under the sun, with dots, drawings and dashes splattered in perfect order across a canvas. Aboriginal artists have a strong connection to the land and to their heritage, and this beauty comes through in their artistic creations. We all know white will make a space seem bigger, but don’t be boring and turn it into a clinic while you’re at it. Add some insightful Aboriginal art to your white walls, and watch the entire room transform.

aboriginal art

Aboriginal Artists

Aboriginal art is beautiful in all forms, but certain artists are more renowned for their touching pieces. Barbara Weir is famous for her dreaming paintings, including ‘My Mother’s Country’ and ‘Grass Seeds’. She is highly skilled in the use of dot work, shown in her depictions of ‘My Mothers Country’, and is ingenious in her use of lines and texture, as shown in ‘Grass Seed’ dreamings. Barbara was the daughter of Minnie Pwerle, another famous Aboriginal artist, whose work is both expressive and simplistic, and focuses on women’s traditional ceremonies. Her creative use of lines and circles convey dance tracks around camp fires, whilst her strong connection to her country and culture oozes from every painting. Aboriginal Art Store is an online gallery that displays awe-inspiring Aboriginal art, including works by Barbara Weir and Minnie Pwerle. The works are easily accessible, and beautiful to look at, making it even easier to select an artwork to display in your house. The Aboriginal Art Store offers a wonderful gallery of Aboriginal art to peruse, and presents a collection of truly magnificent artworks for your appreciation.

Narrow blocks get a bad reputation for all that wasted space. White walls and glass doors have forever been the answer to making the most of what little space you have. But when every wall is white, without any interesting decor to admire, it isn’t the lack of space that’s the problem. Aboriginal art is a beautiful way to engage with Australia’s history, and bring life and colour to your rooms. It dresses the plain white walls, and fascinates everyone who looks at it. Aboriginal art has a way of transforming your room into something special, so embrace the Aboriginal culture and indulge in some artworks to brighten up your home.

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