One of the best things about summer coming around is that you can finally make use of the outdoor patio and dining table without worrying about whether the weather is going to rain all over your event.

Summer is the time to enjoy the fresh air, the warm weather and the company of friends and family. Some of the best events and memories take place outside. Here’s just a few ideas.

Family Friend Gatherings

Those balmy nights where all your family friends come together to feast on home-made meals are simply the best. Leave the kids to play in the backyard with the family dog as the adults catch up and prepare food in the kitchen. Every family has brought a plate of food, all of which now comes together on the table in a glorious array of colours and aromas.


Let the conversations flow over a glass of wine as you sit together with your closest friends under the stars. The children are giggling over at the kids tables with their plastic cutlery and the air is filled with banter and laughter.

At the end of the night, roast some marshmallows over the bonfire before it’s finally time to take the sleepy kids home.


Kids’ Birthday Parties

There is nothing cuter than a little tea party for your favourite little people. These outdoor birthday parties are the perfect opportunity to dress up the kids in pink frocks and miniature suits with bow ties.

Fill up your patio with vibrantly coloured foods, from mini cupcakes to fairy bread to triangle sliced sandwiches. Most importantly, don’t forget the tea set serving hot chocolate.

Organise plenty of activities like a game of hide and seek. You can also have a colouring in station at one corner and a face painting or plaster painting area in another corner. The kids will love it.


Indie 21st Party

Kids aren’t the only ones who get to be creative in the backyard. Having a 21st in your parents’ backyard (which happens to have an amazing patio) is a great idea because let’s face it – this is probably the last time it’ll be socially acceptable to throw a big party at your parents’ house.

Set up fairy lights, a bonfire and temporary bar. Get your little brother to serve the drinks, wearing a vest and a bow tie (because it’s your birthday and he has to do whatever you ask for this one day). Hang up wild flowers in glass jars and distribute sitting cushions on the grass.

backyard-party1 Tell all the girls to wear flower crowns and all the boys to wear plaid jackets. Best of all, hire a live band to play some Mumford and Sons covers under the patio.


Now that the weather is warming up, we can finally start hosting events that go beyond watching movies huddled up on the couch clinging to our blankets. For kids, semi-adults and real adults, we can all enjoy an event under the summer sky.

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