French style vintage furniture is a perfect design idea for narrow homes. Not only do you need limited furniture to make your house à la mode, meaning it won’t unnecessarily clutter up a room, but it also utilises bright colours which increase the light and space in the room. And aside from the benefits of employing french vintage style specifically to narrow homes, it is regardless a very chic and trendy interior design style that looks great and is also functional.



The bed should the the focal point of any french vintage style bedroom, focusing particularly on the elaborate headboard. Above are two examples of different french style bedrooms, one a more timeless classic example of an antique white bed with patterned headboard and the other a velvet black. You can also experiment with antique or mirrored bedside tables and drawer chests that match the style of the bed.

Living Room


You have a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating living rooms with French vintage style. Lights are a great feature to highlight in a living room, with my favourite French designs being basket pendant, rustic iron, chandelier or birdcage modes. Great couches to incorporate are linen armchairs or sofas and you can also get creative with Paris-style ottomans, like this one from Allissias Attic, as well as with knick knacks and paintings.



French bathrooms are one of the most iconic and blatantly French style rooms in the house. The separate bath is a vital feature that can be done with either antique style designer furniture or  a more modern style as seen above. You could feature the classic french seat, visible towel storage and rusted mirror, or you could have a more contemporary take on the style, while still featuring the same elements and French-style ornaments.


My favourite French vintage style kitchens are the chic, white furniture with either checkerboard or wooden floors and classic twisted iron chairs, or the wooden, homely country kitchen. The island bench is an important aspect of a French kitchen, as is adorning the room with flowers and a variety of trinkets.


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