We all try to be as green as possible, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by household waste. So many products use a packaging that simply cannot be recycled. Food waste is, unfortunately, an everyday part of living. And our bins seem heavier each time we haul them out to the street. These factors (and many others) make it feel like there’s a mountain in front of us!

Well, now it’s easier than ever to start the climb towards sustainability. Here are a few simple ways to get on top of the rubbish you produce and become a more conscious consumer!

1. Start a worm farm or compost heap. It’s okay if you have leftover food, we all do; but try to put it to some good use rather than putting it in the bin. If it ends up in the trash, it’ll likely be hauled out to landfill where it won’t break down into anything at all. Forget the thought that your lettuce is being eaten by some unknown worm, food waste in garbage heaps is a huge problem! Rather than being processed and used, the food rots and oozes a deadly liquid known as leachate. And high levels of leachate can be toxic for the land and people. So instead of letting the garbage pile high, start a worm farm or compost heap. You can throw practically all your food scraps into them and the end result will produce a natural, non-toxic by-product (fertiliser).

2. Be a conscious consumer! Don’t buy product with excessive plastic packaging or parts. Companies shouldn’t be rewarded for producing cool pop-cap bottles and tetra-plastic pouches. Instead, opt for products that are served in glass bottles or other easily recycled packaging. Also, remember to let companies know what you think about their packaging (good and bad) via their feedback lines!

3. Buy non-toxic household cleaning products. Chemical cleaning agents often require disposal in the garbage, a fact that has resulted in a more noxious and potentially damaging garbage system. Additionally, our water ways are slowly becoming infected with pollutants and irritants which can offset the balance of nature. To get around all these worrying things, buy bio-degradable household cleaning products. These include detergents, soaps and cleaning agents for kitchens and bathrooms. Bio-degradable or reusable cloths can also help.

4. Give the things you don’t use to people who will! Take your unwanted and unused items to your local charity or op-shop. It clears out your house and ensures the re-use of valuable materials. It’s likely someone else will buy your old thing and put it to good use. And it meansthey won’t buy something new.

If you can commit to these three simple tasks, then you’ll really begin to notice the difference your actions will have made: you’re garbage bin will be lighter and you’ll feel better for being conscious about your household waste!

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